3D visualization of the interior

3d visualization of the interior.
3d visualization of the interior is the easiest way to present the customer with the possibilities of their premises. In the process of creating an image, the internal volume of an apartment, office, or house becomes realistic, and the designer's ideas become as clear as possible.

Visualization allows you to objectively evaluate the design project and, if desired, change the concept of the interior even before the repair begins, thus saving the customer money and time.

What is the use of 3D visualization of interiors?
Did you know that no more than 10% of customers can imagine the future appearance of a room from the words of an architect? For the remaining 90%, the schematic arrangement of furniture, the list of accessories and the color palette remains a faceless collage until the end of the renovation. It is not surprising that the approval of such a project takes 3 times more time.

3D visualization is a quick way to illustrate a designer's idea. The resulting image is so realistic that sometimes it doesn't differ from the photo. A three-dimensional image conveys the idea of the specialist 100 % and allows you to see how the customer's home, office or shopping facility will eventually look like.

With visualization, even the most complex project can be presented in great detail. The combination of colors, textiles, furniture, lighting and decor combine exactly as the designer intended. The customer gets an opportunity to look into the future and not only evaluate the combination of all elements, but also understand how their object will look at different times of the day. At the same time, at the stage of 3D visualization, you can make any changes to the project from rearranging furniture to completely changing the style of the object.

Who can benefit from 3D visualization?
Customers who want to make sure that the selected design is correct before it is implemented.
Interior visualization will help designers clearly demonstrate their ideas to the customer, coordinate design projects faster, and protect the chosen concept without abstract thinking "imagine this lamp with this sofa".
For architects, it will simplify interaction with the construction organization. A realistic image will reduce the number of questions for contractors.
For tenants of office and retail premises-it will save time and money for repairs of the rented premises, and will also be useful for approving the layout of the leased site with its owner.
Developers - to present their opportunities and competitive advantages to the investor.
Real estate agencies - to show all the advantages of the object, even the most demanding customers.
5 of your key benefits from working with us.
Consistently high quality visualizations. Control over projects at different stages of implementation is a fundamental principle of the company. Want to watch the progress? Make sure that the designer brings your dreams to life.
Transparent pricing. The cost of visualization of each project is formed individually, depending on the options you choose.
We are available 24/7 without holidays or weekends.
We understand our clients at a glance thanks to our extensive experience in interior design and three-dimensional visualization.
We save time – you do not have to go to our office, the work is done remotely. If necessary, you can always meet. When performing a design project, a personal meeting at the design site is very desirable.
Order our services and take the quality of your work to a new level.

For a more detailed assessment of the visualization, you can email us: mail@iceberg-media.ru please note that we do not calculate the cost based on the number of images that are given to the client. We calculate the price based on the area of the room. This is very profitable for the customer – they get images from any angles, in any quantity, and do not overpay.

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