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Object visualization

Subject visualization from Iceberg media is the creation of a three-dimensional model of any object with the maximum level of realism. The object is literally any object: buildings, a 3d model of a quadrocopter or car, an animal, a fairy-tale character, or an industrial detail.

Object visualization: to whom and why
You can use the service to solve a number of tasks:

See the overall dimensions.

Evaluate the concept and make adjustments.
Create an interactive model.
To set the dynamics and textures.
Experiment with color and texture.
Three-dimensional modeling creates a three-dimensional model of the object. But for a high-quality result, you need to build a geometric projection based on strictly specified parameters. They must correspond to the proportions and scale of the actual prototype. With the help of special software, dry geometric shapes are added texture and texture, and other characteristic features inherent in a particular object are reflected in detail. The higher the quality of detail, the more realistic the image is. 

Iceberg media specialists have been working in the 3D modeling segment for a long time. During the period of work, our own interaction algorithms were formed, talented specialists were attracted and the best software was introduced. Due to this, contacting us guarantees the highest quality implementation of a project of any complexity: 

Competent overlay of multidimensional special effects.
Ability to select a point of view.
Accurate visualization of components.
Correct composition of the image.
Rendering allows you to breathe" life " into an abstract and flat image, making it as realistic as possible. In the company's portfolio, 3d visualization of objects is represented by a wide range of different works. You can independently evaluate the quality of images of objects, textures, and shapes. We work in three areas of three-dimensional image: 

3D tour-installation of a huge number of 3D panoramas in an animated video.
Static image-a picture is created using specialized technologies, resulting in an image that is perfectly clear, detailed, and realistic properties and shadows are almost as good as photos.
Three-dimensional panorama – 3D illustrations with the effect of presence, created from a single static point, viewing angle vertically 180 degrees, horizontally 360. 
Each type has its own characteristics and advantages. For a 3d house layout, a static image will do, but in order to evaluate the design and location of individual elements, it is best to use a tour or a three-dimensional panorama. This technology will allow you to better analyze 3D fireplaces, paintings, bathrooms, or any other objects located in the room.

The choice of the option depends on the final goals: development of design projects, presentation to investors, customers, as a marketing tool in advertising, use in multimedia videos, video games. In order for cooperation to bring mutual benefit, we strive to take into account all the nuances voiced by clients, offering the best ways to solve its problems.

Object 3D graphic design for home 
One of the priorities of Iceberg media is the development and creation of three-dimensional models for residential and non-residential premises. We work with both the interior and exterior. If you need details of a specific area or item, then welcome to contact us. 

You can order 3D industrial design for businesses, use modeling and visualization to select the design of fireplaces, create a 3D road map, or compare the compatibility and texture of finishing materials, for example, a 3D model of ceramic tiles right now. We are ready to provide comprehensive information on the issue and implement your idea in the best way.
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