What is a selling site?

During the crisis, the search for new methods and sales techniques becomes more relevant than ever, special attention is given to Internet marketing, and the notion of “selling site” is increasingly heard. So what is a selling site? We have identified several important components.

Website design

The first thing a visitor of your page sees is the design: colors, font, design, content. A special place is occupied by images, videos, interactives, elements of virtual reality, now you will not surprise anyone with a beautiful static picture. Internet users become sophisticated, and the more interesting and clear you tell about your product on the website, the more information a visitor receives without putting a lot of effort, the higher your chances of making each client who visits the page a client of the company.

Adaptive design

Thanks to a mobile phone, the Internet has become available to everyone anytime, anywhere. Modern people are used to the fact that absolutely everything can be obtained only by turning on the phone, we order tickets, hotels, clothes, food and medicine, sitting on the couch. Therefore, it is so important that your site is convenient to use from any device from anywhere in the world. If your site does not take this feature into account, you have already lost the race for the buyer.


The Internet makes it possible to find any information in a matter of minutes. In the world of modern technology, information is provided to us “on a silver platter”, everything is very simple and accessible. That is why the texts of the selling site are not just informative, they are not talking about how cool your product is, but about how it is better than others like it, about the advantages of your offer. And the more popular the proposed product, the more difficult the task.


It is the correct organization of your site that will lead you to the buyer. A competent structure will prompt the visitor to his actions step by step before making a purchase, and these actions will be as simple as possible. If a person has already visited your site, do not leave it alone for a second. On the selling site, all contacts will always be open, and various communication methods will be provided.

Of course, these points only summarize the main points, but the main thing in the selling site is not to forget about the purpose for what it is done, not to neglect the knowledge of professional web-analysts, as A selling website is inextricably linked to integrated Internet marketing. An unprofessional approach to creating a site can ruin even the most promising project, so you should not do it “as the director said” or put yourself in the shoes of the buyer. This is unprofessional. But she is learning internet marketing from our foreign colleagues - this is the right trend.