The advantages of wooden houses

The advantages of wooden houses 

The building materials market is expanding every year, but, like 10 years ago, the consumer evaluates new products in terms of environmental friendliness. That is why the tree has no equal in the race for the right to be considered the most healthy building material. Created by nature itself, wood stands out with a number of advantages over any high-tech invention. And it's not just about following traditions. First of all, this is a pragmatic approach to designing your own home.

Interest in the construction of wooden houses is only growing over the years. And it is connected, first of all, with the advantages of solid wood over other types of materials. Consider the main ones.

Psychological comfort. Wood is a living material given to us by nature itself. Like any natural product, wooden houses positively affect the human psyche. Looking at the natural ornament of the massif, a person relaxes faster, and the aroma of a natural tree strengthens the nervous system, improves mood. It is proved that the microclimate of a wooden house is much healthier than that of its stone "brothers."

Wellness effect. Humidity in a room directly affects how often we get sick. A humidity level of 50% is considered the best indicator. A house made of wood has the unique ability to maintain a comfortable humidity indoors without any additional devices.

The ability of wood to absorb toxins, cleansing the air of dust - the causes of household allergies. For people prone to allergic reactions, life in a wooden house has a truly healing effect.

Environmental friendliness. Today, not one building material can compete with wood in its eco-friendly properties. The use of the array in construction not only has a beneficial effect on human health, but also has a minimal impact on the environment. Sawing wood leaves no waste polluting the earth. All sawdust and the finest chips are 100% used in production.

Reliability of a design. A wooden house is not only healthy, but also warm, strong and durable housing. The tree is not afraid of changes in humidity and temperature, seismic vibrations. Flexible and flexible joints provide reliable protection to the structure, preventing cracking.

The strength of wood allows the use of thinner supporting structures during construction, which means that as a result the useful area of ​​a wooden house will be greater than that of a block or brick one.

A solid wooden house is an invaluable investment in the future of your family. Wooden dwelling is always in fashion, always relevant. This is the eternal classic of homebuilding, which will never lose in value.