New presentation programs

New presentation programs


The cloud service for the presentation of Prezi, which is an alternative to the classic PowerPoint, has recently become very popular. Officially, the Prezi program was created in 2009 by co-founders Adam Somlay-Fisher, Peter Halaxi and Peter Arvay. Adam Somlay-Fisher was the first to invent the use of the Zoom effect in the presentation, moving objects in 2.5D and 3D space. Initially, the program was paid, users paid for the confidentiality of their presentations, now, like most programs, the basic version is free, a more advanced version is provided on a commercial basis. The principle of Prezi's work is that instead of slides, fields are used that place the necessary information, these can be texts, pictures or videos. Thus, a presentation is created in which all objects can be twisted, moved and zoomed in. Added features make the Prezi presentation more lively and spectacular. The company is constantly working on improving features and content, now you can upload photos from Google or ready-made slides from PowerPoint to the presentation. The program database includes an impressive database of elegant drawings, symbols, diagrams and other elements that make it possible to create infographics without special preparation. As a drawback, it can be noted that while the program interface is only in English and you can work only online.


Another program, PowToon, is a cloud service for creating animated presentations and videos. The service was developed in 2012. Now the program works, like Prezi, according to the principle of “friction”, the basic version is freely available, all additional features are paid. This program is easy to use, and is perfect for talking about a new product, creating a presentation video or the main page of the site. The program provides several options for animating text on slides: the sequential appearance of letters, handwritten text, as well as simple options for animating text used in familiar PowerPoint. PowToon also has an extensive library of animation: models of different people in vector graphics and many infographic elements. The finished video can be uploaded to YouTube or saved in a convenient MP4 format. This service is perfect for startup owners and marketers.


SlideRocket is another popular online presentation creation platform that, like PowerPoint, is based on a slide system. The set of working tools in SlideRocket is more convenient, brighter and much wider than the usual PowerPoint. But the cost of this program is not small, a full professional package costs $ 360 per year. You can use the program for free only for a limited time, and the possibilities in the stripped-down version are not so wide. The paid version allows you to use various interesting and convenient functions, for example, working together on a presentation, flash animation and integration with Flickr and YouTube. SlideRocket is significantly superior to today's lightweight office web tool systems. The company was among the first to create an online application whose performance not only matches the functions of desktop programs like PowerPoint and Keynote, but also surpasses these tools. It provides strong protection and an extended format for teamwork.


Keynote is one of the most powerful yet simple presentation creation tools. Keynote is a low-cost application, for only $ 9.99 you can create presentations on Mac, iPad and iPhone. The principle of Keynote is the same as that of Microsoft PowerPoint - the choice of slides, themes, images, texts. You can add tables and charts, record your voice over the presentation, or take music from the iTunes library. If you have several Apple products at once, when working with Keynote, all actions are reflected on all devices. Presentation playback is smooth regardless of the amount of information and uploaded files. Also, this program allows you to work simultaneously from different devices. The key plus of Keynote is the ability to send presentation links to the right recipients and save yourself the hassle of copying. The presentation can be exported to a graphic file or video, and you can easily upload the presentation to YouTube.


Piktochar is another web application developed by Malaysian startups. Piktochart allows you to create presentations with the active use of infographics, while this service allows you to insert charts by driving data through CSV tables (exel). The application pleases with colorful graphics, illustrations, maps, there are no those boring PowerPoint slides. Recently, animation has been added to the application. Thanks to the templates, the interface is very convenient and intuitive, the work in the program is as automated as possible. Like many other programs, the basic version is free, you will have to pay $ 99 for the professional version.