3D interactive tour

3D tour technology appeared relatively recently, but has already managed to gain immense popularity. This is a truly new word in the demonstration of various objects and presentations, and therefore this technology is widely used by various types of enterprises, from commercial advertising of manufactured products to medical applications. Creating a 3D tour takes place on the WebGL, JavaScript or Flash platforms.

It is worth noting that the last two are almost identical to each other, and therefore there is no particular difference which one of them to use. Especially popular is the use of 3D tour technology in real estate. With its help, not only presentations of houses, their interior or exterior are created, but also shows of entire cottage villages are held. Representation of objects in the form of a 3D model greatly facilitates the process of perception, and the ability to rotate the visualization, reduce or vice versa increase the object allows you to see the house as detailed as possible from different angles. In addition, you can view the layout of the house, the design of the premises and many other details that arouse your interest. Separately, it is worth noting the navigation capabilities: thanks to them, moving between scenes and objects is as easy and smooth as possible. In addition to all of the above, it is also necessary to mention the simplicity of perception of the 3D model.

A beautiful and vivid image of a house looks much more attractive than a demonstration of a drawing made on paper. Especially considering that understanding professional drawing without any special knowledge is quite problematic. Not to mention the fact that even after detailed explanations of a specialist, a clear idea of ​​the result of the construction most likely will not work out. The wide possibilities of 3D modeling allow you to accompany the tour with various special effects, animation and sound. In other words, summarizing all of the above, thanks to this technology, the customer, long before the end of construction, can take a tour of his future home, get acquainted with all the details and see everything you need. The use of 3D modeling in real estate is becoming more and more large every year, especially since a high-quality and well-composed 3D tour increases the implementation of constructed buildings several times.