Which is better, 3D visualization or high-quality photographs?

Relatively recently, when 3D modeling was not yet widespread, high-quality panoramic images were used in the interior design, which demonstrated the skill of the designer. However, 3D modeling technologies have almost completely supplanted photographs, due to a number of certain advantages. It is worth noting that the use of images has not completely disappeared, however, it is increasingly recognized as unprofessional and unreasonably expensive. Even high-quality panoramic photos will not give you such an idea of ​​design as a 3D model does. And this despite the fact that the price of visualization is much lower than shooting panoramic photos, and making the necessary amendments has become a much simpler process. However, this is far from the only advantage of 3D technologies, which we will try to tell you about in this article.
Benefits of 3D Model Rendering
Visualization of the 3D model allows the customer to consider in detail what the designer has created. Perfectly visible all the details both individually and as a whole. It is not surprising that the use of such technologies is beneficial to both the customer and the designer. In addition, the use of 3D technology is due to the following advantages:
  • Clear detailing of the entire interior
  • Bright, rich and interesting image
  • Ability to control the camera and change the scene
  • The effect of full presence in the designed interior
  • Easy to work and edit
  • More clear and clear view
  • Causes more interest than photographs
  • And much more
Summarizing all of the above and summing up, it is also worth noting that the use of 3D models allows you to realize any wishes of the customer. Moreover, the visualization of a complex project in itself seems to be a fairly simple process. Well, of course, that drawings and photographs are not able to fully reflect all design ideas and solutions, to create a holistic image of the interior, no matter how high-quality they would be.