3D visualization of cottages: features of the process

The introduction of modern technologies into life has led to various changes in various spheres of human activity. It also affected the suburban construction of private houses. Drawings and sketches familiar to the older generation, together with oral explanations, go back to the distant past, and they are replaced by wide 3D modeling capabilities that can satisfy the needs of even the most demanding client. The use of 3D models in construction and design has greatly simplified the interaction of the customer and the contractor. The client immediately sees the visualization of his future home and notes what amendments need to be made. Designers and designers got the opportunity to present their projects in the best light, to distinguish them from the others, to interest and attract potential customers accordingly. Most often, visualization is used to create 3D models of country houses. Software features allow you to achieve incredible photorealism. In particular, a well-made model allows you to consider everything in great detail, from different angles, to see all the points of interest, to choose the desired interior and exterior. In other words, the client opens up really amazing opportunities, thanks to which it is possible to implement even a very complex project. In addition, the use of 3D technology ensures the competent compilation of all the necessary technical documentation accompanying this project.
Stages of creating a 3D model of a country house
The process of creating a 3D model of a country house itself involves several of the following steps:
Determination of technical nuances: room sizes, number of floors, etc.
Create initial drawings
Coordination of the area of ​​the room, window and doorways, ceiling heights, etc. (it is worth noting that full 3D graphics are not used at this stage. Only flat models are used, which will become the basis for visualization in the future)
The visualization process itself using specialized software
Summarizing all of the above, we can say that the use of 3D models ensures the most comfortable cooperation of the customer with the contractor and guarantees a high-quality result.

The cost of 3d visualization of the house

* все дни указаны в рабочих
* все файлы всегда будут доступны в личном кабинете

House modeling from 100 usd - house modeling according to drawings (facades)
- render on a white background
- modern, scandinavian and similar architecture styles
2 days
Visualization of the house in a conditional environment (at our discretion) in addition to modeling 100 usd - 2 perspective renderings of a house surrounded
- 3600px resolution for the most part
1-2 days
Visualization of the house in an individual environment (according to the project of the customer) from 200 usd - 3 renderings of a house surrounded
- 3600px resolution for the most part
3-4 days
Evening lighting at home and surroundings + 30% to the cost of visualization Additional set of pictures 2 days
Other times of the year (e.g. winter) + 50% to the cost of visualization Additional set of pictures 2 days
Transfer of the finished 3D scene + 30% of the cost of work Project scene. The scene will have all the models and textures. during the day