3d exteriors

Iceberg media studio develops architectural visualization according to your drawings, photos, sketches and design software. We guarantee the creation of a detailed 3D exterior for any type of building and even the whole microdistrict, regardless of complexity.

In the portfolio you will find 3D projects for residential complexes and 3D townhouses. Also, visualization of the yacht club, AON Volokolamsk airport, 3D building ADM with careful detailing of facing materials, features of the roof, facade, and personal plot. And hundreds of other options for a wide variety of customers.

3D visualization is convenient

A 3D project of a house or other object is not just a realistic image, which clearly shows how the finished construction will look from different angles. Three-dimensional and detailed architectural solution allows you to see the full picture:

Eliminate lay-outs.

Assess the conceptual idea and its relevance to reality.

Look at the finished design: facade, roof, windows, garden, landscape design.

Identify flaws and fix them.

Analyze the view in daylight and nightlight.

Evaluate all the benefits of the finished structure.

Taking these factors into account even at the stage of project approval allows us to avoid miscalculations and errors in construction and save money. Agree, changing a 3D architectural project is much easier than making adjustments to the rebuilt building and utilities.

3D modeling as an effective sales tool

Three-dimensional image is the standard of modern work. With the help of a 3D layout of the exterior, a number of issues can be solved:

Attract investment to the project - because visualization is much more interesting than laconic drawings.

Bright presentation presents the project in the most favorable light.

Realistic 3D layout, corresponding to the drawings and estimates, provides quick clearance in the state. organs.

See tactical and architectural misses and correct them in a timely manner.

As you can see, a three-dimensional image of an object is a service that construction organizations, individuals, developers and all those who want to rationally use the funds for construction and minimize planning errors need a service.

Features of cooperation with Iceberg media

3D visualization of the exterior from our company helps to see the territory and buildings comprehensively. View the properties of the materials used, visually evaluate the features. Using three-dimensional graphics, we transmit the finest gradations of textures and colors, model light sources, create infrastructure, and landscape design. Within the framework of cooperation, you can order both 3D modeling of the house and recreation areas. In addition, we create three-dimensional 3D for villages, industrial facilities and residential buildings (low-rise, high-rise).

To ensure maximum speed and quality of work, we use advanced technologies and strive to provide excellent service:

Specialized computer software.

Architects and designers with specialized education.

Practical experience in the segment.

Create 3D scenes that can be used for videos, presentations, animations.

The ability to order a panoramic three-dimensional model from any angle.

Own database with access to 3d visualization of a residential complex or territory.

Cooperation with Iceberg media is an opportunity to get a realistic 3d layout for a country house or other object, as well as access to your personal account, which contains all the information about the project - from sketch to reconciliation of accounts and workflow.

To get additional information or calculate the cost of the service, use the contact details on the company website.

The cost of 3d visualization of a residential complex

* all days are in working days
* all files will always be available in your account
Modeling a low-rise building, a cottage according to drawings - from 200 usd - building modeling according to drawings
- render on a white background for approval
1-2 days
Modeling a multi-storey building according to the drawings - from 300 usd - building modeling according to drawings
- render on a white background for approval
4 days
Modeling a multi-sectional home + 100 usd - for each additional section
up to 4 days
Modeling and visualization of a complex of buildings from 1500 usd - required number of images, agreed in advance - 3600px resolution for the most part. from 10 days
Evening lighting rendering + 30% to the cost of visualization An additional set of pictures in the evening lighting + 30% to render time
Other times of the year (e.g. winter) + 50% to the cost of visualization An additional set of pictures with surroundings at other times of the year, for example, in winter. + 50% to render time
3d tour of the residential complex / microdistrict + 100 usd per viewpoint
100 usd html layout of the tour
- archive of 3d tour files for publication on the site from 2 days
Architectural 3d animation, video clip for at least 30 seconds. Overflights of cameras, animation of cars, typical animation of people, announcer and infographics if necessary. 40-50 usd/sec - uncompressed video in mov format
- compressed video for viewing and publishing
from 14 days
Transfer of the finished scene + 30% of the cost of work Project scene. The scene will have all the models and textures. during the day